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There's much more to debit-it! than checking account EFT functionality. Technology is advancing fast in the area of secure EFT and AmeriNet is in the vanguard of development.

The following sections examine debit-it!'s other service offerings, including online ATM acceptance and e-mail billing, which AmeriNet is currently developing in response to interest received from a number of Fortune 500 companies. In addition, it covers the program's comprehensive continuity and multipay capability and the suitability of the range of services for B2B (business-to-business) purposes.

Email Billing: BillMe

Over 90% of American bill-payers have access to e-mail...and they usually respond to e-mails within two days. The new "BillMe" service is set to revolutionize the direct payment industry for merchants like utilities, which currently bill their customers through the mail - sending out over 500 million costly paper bills annually.

"BillMe" offers merchants the opportunity to pass their billing schedules to AmeriNet. Using the merchant's billing schedule, AmeriNet e-mails billing reminders to the merchant's customers. Next, via a direct link made available in the billing reminder, the customer is transported to a custom-designed payment site. At the payment site, the customer can view their personal and payment details and can pay their bill with a single click.

When the payment transaction has been processed, the customer is automatically sent an e-mail confirming that their payment has been received, with thanks. In addition, "BillMe" technology tracks customer responses and sends summary reports to the merchant automatically.

Continuity & Multipay

The debit-it! solution's comprehensive service offerings includes a range of billing options to accommodate:

  • Multiple payments - For example: Five monthly payments of $29.99 instead of a single payment of $149.95.
  • Delayed billing - For example: Buy now, pay nothing until next June. Then pay in full or by multiple payments (see above).
  • Continuity programs with same or varied recurring billing - For example: Cable TV service fee collection with standard monthly payments and occasional pay-per-view fees collection.
  • And more...

B2B Services

The beauty of debit-it! is that all of its services can be used to facilitate payment collection and transmission for business-to-business users as well as merchants and customers. In fact, the processes are identical - and equally efficient - for all types of users.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your B2B payment needs. You can be sure that debit-it! will take care of them, to let you attend to your core business.


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