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How it Works

AmeriNet designed debit-it! to be as safe, reliable and simple for merchants to use as it is for customers. To do that they had to design in lots of flexibility and security features, though the following sections contain a high-level overview of each element.

The debit-it! solution's overall capability is the sum of these many features. However, don't be put off by the detail; remember that these features are invisible to users and that most of the processes described only take fractions of a second, so nobody's left waiting.

The Customer's Input

Customers who have previously purchased goods or services with a credit card will find the check data input process reassuringly familiar. In addition, customers making their first purchases by check EFT will find the process quick and easy. The customer first provides their name and address and a shipping address, should that be different (e.g. when gift-giving). Unlike some other service offerings, debit-it! doesn't require customers to know which part of the check code is which; instead, the customer is simply asked to provide the Magnetic Image Character Recognition (MICR) exactly as it is printed on the check.

The Call Center

Sign up for debit-it! and you can sign off dealing with call centers and after-sale customer care - for good. Our state-of-the-art call center and its trained specialists can handle incoming telephone traffic to accept your orders, clear your funds and manage fulfillment in a single process.

But regardless of whether you choose to do this, debit-it!'s toll-free customer care number appears on each of your customers' bank statements, and it's our team that they call with questions and problems, not yours. We digitally record every call for security and - what's more - we resolve any questions or problems that your customers' banks have, too. In addition, we're here for everyone, 24 x 7.

Verification and Fraud-Proofing

The data that the customer supplies is screened and analyzed using proprietary databases, algorithms, AmeriNet's own risk management resources, and other databases.

The data is then checked against a complex set of credit profiling, fraud control and validation rules. The process results in a validated or declined transaction. In a real-time environment, checks typically take only less than a second, but carefully crafted process rules ensure genuine transactions are approved, and declined transactions are ones from which the merchant has been well protected!

Accounts Settlement & Fulfillment

All funds are cleared through special bank accounts managed by AmeriNet. This protects the merchant and makes accounting as simple as with a credit card company. AmeriNet deals with every US bank - and all issues - on your behalf. The7y handle all problems, like customer and bank disputes, fraud, and errors by the Federal Reserve.

AmeriNet carries our all bookkeeping, reconciliation, resubmits, and provides full accountability for each transaction. A range of detailed reporting and data is made available, daily. Settlement is based on gross sales, less returns, less transaction fees.

Unlike banks, there are currently no returned check fees, minimums, or maintenance fees on these transactions. In addition, you choose the settlement method that suits your business: direct ACH credit, wire transfer or overnight check.

eCommerce Integration

AmeriNet provides various means of connectivity including batch method or their powerful real-time Transaction Server. Our Transaction Server method is similar to, but much faster than, credit card systems (up to 1,200 transactions per minute per port, with full record profiling). Communication with the Transaction Server can be made using TCP/IP sockets over a secure connection or via HTTPS using 128-bit SSL for encryption.

This high-speed, real-time transaction approval is suited to both high volume e-commerce and call center applications. The system offers a range of functionality, from real-time user transactions to complete reconciliation and product fulfillment data. Designed to mirror real-time credit card processing systems, it requires no proprietary software or special programming skills beyond those of your own competent programmer.

Integrating AmeriNet's technology with yours is simple. The debit-it solution can integrate with any operating system, and our technical assistants, extensive documentation, scheduled test environment and various integration tools make integration straightforward.

Security provisions include industry-standard encryption, including that provided by 128-bit SSL Virtual Private Network (VPN), Frame Relay and similar models. AmeriNet's service offerings meet the high standards needed for secure financial data processing.


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