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The debit-it! solution provides end-to-end processing from the point of sale to the merchant's account, with detailed tracking throughout. Engaging debit-it is as simple as adding an additional credit card vendor.

Moreover, it expands your potential market to include consumers who cannot, or choose not to, pay by credit card. Our merchant clients have achieved substantial increases in conversion rates by providing electronic fund transfer (EFT) facilities for customers who want to pay by check or debit card.

  • The customer enjoys a simple and familiar purchasing process, providing checking account numbers instead of credit card numbers.
  • The merchant receives the payment stream with the same ease and for less processing costs than credit card transactions.
  • The merchant's IT department appreciates an interface that mirrors existing credit card transaction processing systems.
  • The merchant's fulfillment center welcomes AmeriNet's "ship" file capability, which ensures that the goods ship only when funds are collected.
  • The merchant's financial department appreciates recognition and other accounting information that is custom-prepared for their accounting systems.

Cashless Industry Potential

Until relatively recently, credit cards were the payment collection vehicle of choice for many direct marketers. But less than 60% of adults in the U.S. today possess valid credit cards.

Merchants who can close deals over the phone or the web with cardless customers can expand their potential customer pool by the 70 million Americans who use checkbooks, but not credit cards.

Among these, there are 10 million households without credit cards that now have access to the Internet. In addition, some 13% of consumers who already make online purchases prefer to use their checking account. Moreover, providing a comprehensive EFT facility encourages both convenience and impulse buying - even for credit card holders with "maxed-out" cards, who can still pay by electronic check.

Combining debit-it! with a credit card program lets your business close 96% of adult consumers in the U.S.

End-to-End Servicing

The debit-it! solution places the merchant's core activity at the center of its operations. Unlike its competitors, debit-it! services the merchant's every EFT-related business need, in the manner that best suits the merchant. This customizable 'turn-key' system of payment processing and its strategized suite of services place it far above the competition, in terms of meeting clients' needs.

AmeriNet provides a full service bureau to handle the end-to-end processing of check EFTs using the ACH system. This includes management of accounting issues with a fully customized reporting capability to integrate seamlessly with your existing financial systems.

In addition, AmeriNet provides the means to securely and reliably debit or credit, electronically, any checking account in the US and manage exceptions handling and accounts reconciliation, customer care and interfacing with fulfillment centers, freeing your company to do what it does best.

Leading the Field

Founded in 1994, AmeriNet quickly established itself as the premier provider of checking account debit transactions over the telephone. More recently they brought their flagship service, debit-it!, to the Internet.

AmeriNet pioneered checking account EFT processes and systems and they were the first company to innovate by bringing checking account EFT to the Internet. Their aim is to make sure that you stay ahead in your market by staying on the leading edge of theirs. And they're constantly looking for ways to help you concentrate on what you do best, by taking care of the details with as much care as you would yourself.

As industry leaders, AmeriNet takes care to wrap their services around the needs of their merchants and to supply virtually any service they need, in the way that best suits them.

Naturally, you will want to check out what the their competition offers. However, they already have. ERA is the trade association for companies who use the power of electronics to sell goods and services to the public. In July 2001, AmeriNet prepared a white paper for ERA that examined the service offerings of debit-it! and compared them to those of their competitors.

Its conclusion? That "...debit-it!... provide(s) the most versatile and complete EFT offering in North America, today." The ERA then signed up debit-it! as its exclusive checking account EFT provider. Click here to download a copy of the white paper and discover the debit-it! difference for yourself.


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