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Virus Alerts

By Bill Grogg

Alert Date Alert Title Summary
31 Mar 1999 W97M.Melissa Macro Virus The W97M.Melissa macro virus has spread far faster than any other virus in history. In just its first day, it hit many high profile businesses and government agencies. See this alert for detailed information on the virus and how to protect yourself.
27 Dec 1998 Win95.CIH Windows 95/98 Virus Win95.CIH is the first virus which may damage a hardware component. It may render the system non-bootable by erasing some FlashBIOS chips and will attempt to erase system areas of the hard drive. AND, I cleaned a machine infected with it just this week.
3 Mar 1997 Protecting Microsoft Office 97 Documents With Office 97, Microsoft changed the file formats for their applications. Because of this, anti-virus software may not be able to scan for macro viruses in these applications. Read this alert to find out how to protect these documents NOW.

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