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CyberSource/Epicor Integration Components

Timberwolf Software's CyberSource/Epicor Integration Components provide the following benefits:

  • Online, real-time credit card processing
    • Very fast transaction response
    • No phone line required
    • No credit card terminal equipment required
  • Integrated with Epicor financials software
    • Loosely-coupled for minimal impact on Epicor
    • Merchant-specific modifications via GUI utility or T-SQL code
  • Rapid merchant implementation
  • Configurable administrator notifications for exceptions

The Timberwolf Software CyberSource/Epicor Integration Components were developed in the latter part of 2000 when a CTR, Inc. customer urgently needed integrated financial and credit card processing software since their provider of services at the time, Pandesic (a joint venture of SAP and Intel), had informed them that they would be ceasing operations by January 1, 2001.

Bill Grogg, a CTR Senior Solutions Architect at the time, designed and built the solution on a very short time line to integrate with Epicor's Advanced Distribution and Manufacturing product. Understanding the potential value of this kind of solution to other online merchants using Epicor's financial and manufacturing packages, he crafted the first version of the product to be flexible and configurable through a simple GUI interface. All merchant-specific configuration information is stored in a database table.

As the first client went into production with the solution, a second merchant became interested in the product. They had a few additional requirements (and great ideas for new features), so these were rolled into the software and deployed at both the second as well as the first client. True to the original objective, deployment at the second client was very easy and primarily involved using the GUI configuration tool to set merchant-specific processing options.

Another client came forward and expressed interest in the solution in two new ways: They needed an integration with Epicor's Accounts Receivable (AR) product and a way to process CyberSource credit card transactions from their web site independent of any Epicor integration. Due to these requirements an AR integration was begun and a COM object was developed for web site use. In mid-project, the client changed course and development stopped.

Early in 2001, CTR executive management asked for a presentation on the integration products and Bill outlined the need, what had been developed, and his vision for filling out the product to enhance its value to the merchants. Bill left CTR in May 2001 and when CTR ceased operations in December 2001, Timberwolf Software made arrangements to acquire all rights to the software so that the product vision may live on.

The CyberSource/Epicor Integration Components are listed below with detail on their availability to new merchants.

CyberSource/Epicor Integration for Epicor ADM

This product is currently in production at two eCommerce merchants. It is available for licensing and implementation for any merchants using Epicor's ADM product. Please contact cybersource@timberwolfsoftware.com for more information.

Included in the solution are:

  • Installation scripts
  • Custom integration T-SQL code
  • Configuration utility
  • Transaction processing engine
  • COM object with test client
  • Transaction reports
CyberSource Integration COM Object A Component Object Model (COM) component/DLL, this integration component is designed for stand alone use. It DOES use the same configuration information and GUI configuration utility used by the Epicor integration products. By so doing, it makes the CyberSource transaction much easier since a number of parameters required by CyberSource's COM DLL are handled automatically. It is up to the merchant to do their back end integration using the returned transaction values. This component is currently in beta. Contact cybersource@timberwolfsoftware.com for more information.
CyberSource/Epicor Integration for Epicor AR This product is currently in the early stages of development. Due to significant code reuse from the ADM integration product, moving to beta and then to production should be very quick, however, no further development will occur until there is a market. If your company is using Epicor's AR product and you would like credit card integration with AR instead of ADM, please let us know at cybersource@timberwolfsoftware.com.

The following illustration is a high-level architectural diagram of the ADM integration solution. Please contact Timberwolf Software at cybersource@timberwolfsoftware.com for more information.

CyberSource/Epicor Integration for Epicor ADM architecture overview

An administrator can easily modify how transactions are processed and how the integration operates via the GUI configuration utility CSConfig. A screen shot of this utility is shown below.

CSConfig mini screen shot

Packaged with the Timberwolf Software CyberSource Integration COM object is a test client. This is used by the merchant during development of their web site or software that will use the COM object. It allows the developer to exercise the functionality of the component and to see what the responses from CyberSource look like. Here is a screen shot of this utility:

CSTestCOM mini screen shot

Version 1 of the ADM integration software also comes with reports detailing declined transactions. This is used by the merchant to research the reason for a decline and to follow up with customers who have had their credit cards declined. A decline research tool is planned for a future version to assist the merchant in resolving these issues since many times declines are simply data input errors from the consumer. (In order to salvage a sale when a consumer has their credit card declined due to exceeding their credit limit, please consider our recommended electronic check/electronic funds transfer (EFT) solution.) The Credit Hold Detail report is shown below.

CSReports mini preview

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