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Bill's Zone

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting the Timberwolf Software web site. Since I thought some might be curious as to who was behind this company, I decided to provide a little resume' of my background in the industry as well as some personal interests that others might share.

Industry Background
Company Role Years
Timberwolf Enterprises PC Consulting 1985-1989
Radio Shack Electronics Sales 1985-1987
Paul Mace Software Database development/AR
Data Processing Manager
Central Point Software Technical Support Engineer
Database Administrator
Solutions Development Manager
Timberwolf Information Management Technology
Timberwolf Software
Information Technology Consulting 1993-Present
CTR, Inc. Programmer/Analyst
Development Team Lead
Senior Solutions Architect

Personal Information and Interests

As you might have gathered from the names of my various business entities over the years, I am quite fond of timberwolves (canis lupus) or gray wolves as they are commonly known. This fascination with the wolf began in my high school days when I read my first book on wolves: Secret Go the Wolves, by R.D. Lawrence. Subsequent reading confirmed the true nature of wolves as powerful, swift, intelligent, and loyal animals who are exemplary parents to their young. As humans, we can learn much from the noble attributes of the wolf. There are a number of fine wolf-related resources on the web. See our Web Picks page for some of these.

I'm also concerned with the preservation of the natural world around us. This accounts for my interest in doing as much as possible as a business entity to make sure that our products are manufactured with recycled materials where possible and waste is likewise minimized and recycled.

Since I have a family, I'm also interested in having our children learn as much as they can about the world around them. To a great extent this can be aided by the technology available to us. Especially is this so with the vast amount of information readily accessible on the World Wide Web.

Outside of my interest in family, the environment, and business, I'm very fond of sports. For years, I've followed football, basketball, and baseball, and I especially like playing these and many others whenever I get a chance.

Contacting Me

To contact me, send E-Mail to billg@timberwolfsoftware.com.

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