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Updating Your Anti-Virus Software

By Bill Grogg

For ongoing effective protection from virus infection, you should keep your anti-virus product or products updated with the latest scanning signatures and enhancements.

Most of the major anti-virus vendors now provide monthly (or even weekly) updates to their products and it is a good idea to obtain these updates as they are made available. I used to make it a practice to download the latest updates each week on the evening they were released. The products I now use automatically check for updates and I allow them to download and install the updates as soon as they become available.

While the anti-virus vendors do a good job of creating the anti-virus products, their web sites often leave something to be desired in terms of how easy it is to find the updated signatures. Links to update sites for many of the products are included below and may save you some time since I have searched for their download areas for you.

20-Mar-2002 Note: This list is quite a bit out-of-date, but I intend to update it shortly with the current list of ICSA-certified AntiVirus products and will drill into each vendor's site to get the latest signature locations.

Product Company Update Frequency
Avast32 Alwil Software Monthly
InocuLAN Antivirus Computer Associates International Unknown
Command Antivirus Command Software, Inc. Unknown
Vet Anti-Virus Cybec Pty Ltd Unknown
F-Secure Anti-Virus Data Fellows Ltd. Unknown (Daily for Macros)
eSafe Protect eSafe Technologies, Inc. Monthly
AVG Anti-Virus Grisoft Inc. Monthly
iRiS AntiVirus iRiS Software Ltd. Monthly
AntiViral Toolkit Pro Kaspersky Lab Semi-monthly
VirusScan Network Associates International Monthly
Dr. Solomon's AntiVirus Toolkit Network Associates International Unknown
NetShield Network Associates International Monthly
Norman Virus Control Norman Data Defense Systems, Inc. Unknown
Panda Antivirus Panda Software International Unknown
Norton AntiVirus Symantec Corporation Weekly
OfficeScan/PC-cillin Trend Micro Weekly
ServerProtect Trend Micro Weekly

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