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Other Anti-Virus Web Sites

By Bill Grogg

There are an abundance of sites on the World Wide Web covering anti-virus topics. They range from anti-virus software vendors to computer users with an interest in the topic. Much of the informaton out there is poorly organized, or in some cases just plain inaccurate. We will make an attempt to include links to only the best anti-virus sites on the Web on this page. This will be based on content, accuracy, and organization.

Anti-Virus Software Manufacturers

Aladdin Knowledge Systems
Tel Aviv, Israel

Alwil Software
Prague, Czech Republic

Cat Computer Services
Maharashtra Pune, India

Central Command
Medina, Ohio, USA

Command Software Systems, Inc.
Jupiter, Florida

Computer Associates International
Vet Anti-Virus (CA purchased in 1999)
Islandia, New York

Cybersoft, Inc.
Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, USA

Moscow, Russia

Coronado, California, USA

F-Secure Corporation
Helsinki, Finland

Frisk Software International
Reykjavik, Iceland

GRISOFT Software
Lidicka, Czech Republic

H+BEDV Datentechnik, GMBH
Tettnang, Germany

Seoul, Korea

Ikarus Software
Vienna, Austria

Kaspersky Lab
Moscow, Russia

Leprechaun Software
Capalaba, Queensland, Australia

MicroWorld Technologies Inc.
Mumbai, India


Network Associates International
Dr. Solomon's Software International
Santa Clara, California

Genova, Italy

Norman ASA
Lysaker, Norway

OverByte Corporation
Watertown, Massachusetts, USA

Panda Software International
Madrid, Spain

Portcullis Computer Security Ltd
Pinner, Middlesex, United Kingdom

Proland Software
Bangalore, India

Reflex-Magnetics, Ltd
London, United Kingdom

Safetynet, Inc.
New Jersey, USA

Sophos Plc
Abingdon, United Kingdom

Stiller Research, Inc.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Sybari Software Inc.
East Northport, New York, USA

Santa Monica, California, USA

Trend Micro, Inc.
Cupertino, California, USA

VDS Advanced Research Group
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

VirusBuster Hungary Ltd.
Budapest, Hungary

General Anti-Virus Sites

Virus Bulletin


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